jueves, 19 de enero de 2012


-Good mornig Kristen. I'd like to ask you some questions.
-Ok, go on.

- Do you listen to 'Muse'?
-Yes, I love Muse. It Is my favorite group.

-Do you like watching your movies?
-Yes, I usually watch my movies.

-Do you want to star a new movie?
-Yes, I do.

- Do you to go out with Robert Pattison?
-Yes,Robert is my boyfriend.

-Do you wear secondhand clothes from your movies ?
-Yes, sometimes.

-What's your favorite movie of 'Saga Crepúsculo'?
- New Moon.

-Do you wear Legwarmers?
-Yes, I do. I like legwarmers

-Do you listen to Rihanna?
-Yes, I love music to Rihanna.

-What's your favorite television program?
-I don't like a television.

- Is Taylor Lautner your friend?
-Yes, he is my best friend.

-Ok ,thanks.

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